Plant-Based Care

Handcrafted with love in Portugal

Da Lua was born from the need to reconnect with nature and ourselves.

It aspires to health and empowerment through self-knowledge and self-care.

Da Lua’s artisanal production is deliberately slow. Handcrafted in very limited batches, for a conscious result.





Smoking Blends


Natural Gynecology


Moon Flower Remedies



Da Lua defends a holistic vision of health: emotional, mental, physical, energetic and spiritual.

These aspects are part of a whole, in subtle balance.

Da Lua’s natural medicine supports our natural flow. Instead of fighting symptoms or thinking in terms of disease.

We listen to the signs of our body, to understand the root causes of imbalances. Lovingly & organically.

New: Summer Moon Box

The Moon Boxes #2 are a celebration of the radiant Summer season.

Filled with self-care items that will help you bloom Inside and Out.

We want you to radiate beauty & health and embrace the goddess that you are.

All while respecting Nature and her abundance.

5 SIZES AVAILABLE: with a summer Hair Oil, a playlist, a postcard, a Yoni Balm, two rituals & much more!